1st Annual Wool Conference Presentations


THANK YOU for attending our 1st Annual WOOL CONFERENCE! Thank you to the University of Minnesota Extension Regional Sustainable Partnership Development for all the support and assistance.  THANK YOU to all the individuals who made great presentations! 

Below are the presentations provided by the speakers:

1) Professor Hikaru Peterson University of Minnesota - Understanding Consumer Preferences for Origin Specific Wool Products


The above link is to Professor Peterson's 3 year study study: MARKETING OF LOCALLY PRODUCED SUSTAINABLE ANIMAL FIBER PRODUCTS.  GREAT information!

Professor Peterson's presentation at the 1st Annual Wool Conference:

The presentation will be sent to attendees by email as the web site found the size of the presentation to be too large for it's capabilities.Thank you for your patience.



2) Zhiyou Austin Yang, PhD Student - University of Minnesota -  Consumer Driven Demand Analysis for Locally Produced, Natural Sustainable and Organic Wool in the Upper Midwest

 Download here


3) Bob Padula ,University of Montana & Minnesota -The Hat Project - Utilizing Minnesota Wool with Minnesota Companies.

Download here


4) Melanie Pamp, President of Minnesota Wool & Lamb Producers

Download here



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