Funding for Expanding MN Wool Markets



                                MINNESOTA WOOL PROJECT UPDATE!             



The NATURAL FIBER ALLIANCE has moved from the SHEEP & FIBER FARM TOUR wool niche market to the wool commercial market in hopes of more markets for all sizes of wool farmers.We are starting with two Minnesota farmers and possible one farmer in South Dakota.

Thank you to the UM Minnesota Institute of Sustainable Agriculture MISA for the fellowship funding for this project. Thank you to UM Regional Sustainable Development Partnership for their continual support. Our GOAL as UM Professor Hikaru Peterson stated: 

"Grasp the Opportunity to redevelop the MidWest Wool Industry while taking advantage of the recent buy local that is the national trend."

STATUS: Our objective to meet the above goal is for current woolen textiles made by Minnesota Companies to be made with Minnesota Wool or Minnesota Wool & Midwest Wool. 

NFA has developed a supply chain with eco friendly companies processing the 10,000 lbs of Minnesota wool from MN farmers includes scouring, making into open top, spinning worsted, dying, knitting/weaving and transportation. The farmers and knitting/weaving companies are in Minnesota. Warehouse in Illinois,Spinning/Dying in Nebraska, Scouring/Top in South Carolina,Transportation in Michigan. 
The unit cost per hat is about to be finalized. Onto other woolen products! 

We are fortunate to be able to have Hot House do the presentation and "sell" of this project to the companies!

Thank you for your support!

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  • Small Dog Weaving Mill
    Hello Jean,
    If you are interested and open to supporting a cottage sized weaving mill in Western WI, please contact me. We have met a couple of times at various fiber functions, and I would welcome the chance to fill you in on my progress in establishing my new mill, Small Dog Weaving Mill. Of course I can’t compete with the mid-sized weaving mills such as Faribault Woolen Mill, but I can help out with the overflow!

    Marian Quanbeck Dahlberg
  • Janelle Johnson

    I noticed you are using a company out of Nebraska to do your worsted spinning, are you willing to try a MN mill to complete the spinning and dyeing?