I am a farmer from the Southeast area of the state. Through the 50 years of farming I have learned many of the things you know about farming. It is hard work, financially risky,weather and market dependent. Myself and the farmers involved in the Natural Fiber Alliance work is to expand the markets for local sustainable natural fiber through different approaches.  

The Natural Fiber Alliance is doing something different. We began with four fiber farmers who put on a fiber farm tour to sell local sustainable natural fiber in 2011.

From this beginning and expressed need of other farmers, we established a goal of assisting farmers in selling more fiber. With the work of a grass roots volunteer group of farmers, others and with funding from the Sustainable Agriculture Research Education - USDA we began the Natural Fiber Alliance. 

We believe we can sell more fiber based on a simple principle . Independently owned and managed farms will produce fiber that satisfies specific needs and wants to diverse customers.

That is the fundamental metric of success “selling more fiber at a profit that permits growth and continuous improvement .”