NATURAL FIBER ALLIANCE


The Natural Fibers Alliance (NFA) is an alliance of independently-owned and managed farms dedicated to producing exceptional fibers for use in a broad range of commercial, fashion, household, leisure and industrial applications. NFA is committed to be the preferred choice of regional and national users of natural fibers of every type. In that regard, NFA will identify and define the unique characteristics of fibers produced in domestically.


NFA will discover, and share among its members, best practices that improve the individual operations of member farms. It is recognized that members represent virtually every segment of the natural fiber industry with farms populated with sheep, llama, yak, goats, alpaca, angora rabbits and other. Individual members will provide leadership in evaluating and communicating best practices in his/her area of specialization and expertise.This will be especially true with topics dealing with animal procurement, farm layout, shelter, animal nutrition, environmental management,    marketing and other topics . In every way possible, operational effectiveness and innovation will be emphasized.

NFA will explore and share business opportunities that exist across the entire supply chain between fiber producer and all end-users. User markets will be segmented in order to clearly define the specific needs and requirements of each segment. Members will be informed of those requirements to ensure the fiber producer can/ will conform to all standards and specifications. Methods of improving competitiveness will be shared with the individual members. Market and applications research will be conducted by knowledgeable volunteers. Benchmarking will begin with regional assessments and then expanded to include national and global
assessments. This will involve consideration of integrating value-adding steps in processing fibers into more acceptable and useful forms for use by manufacturers of finished products.A process of analyzing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats will likely be used by the researchers.

NFA will be a leader in quality improvement practices that enhance the reputation of the organization as the supplier of choice among diverse buying groups.

NFA will research, share and execute best practices in educating the general public about the intrinsic values of sustainable fibers when used broadly in society. Focus on audiences in K-12 institutions will be a priority, as will the continuation and further development of "Farm Tour" programs. NFA will speak with "one voice" to develop an enduring message about natural fiber farming and fiber use. In this regard, the organization will continually listen to the "voice of the customers" of sustainable fibers to ensure that NFA is knowledgeable of current and as importantly, future needs. Promotional material that is developed to support the Alliance will have member input and approval.

NFA will work with universities and other research institutions to learn and share knowledge about emerging technologies that are relevant to fiber farming.

NFA will represent all members among the State legislature and Departments of DEED,Agriculture and Commerce.

NFA members understand that effective implementation of a plan that captures the spirit of this vision and this mission will be good for everyone concerned and in many ways, improve the quality of life of all participants.


NFA will rely principally on member participation and volunteers from supply chain partners who see the benefits of this enterprise. From time to time, we will seek grants from public and private sources to aid in specialized research and best practices evaluation. Execution of quality improvement efforts and best practices will be left up to the individual farm members.

NFA will consider Associate Members as part of the organization.

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  • Jean Mueller
    Thank you for your comment. This year 2016, we do not have a printable brochure. There isn’t anything else this year other than the website. Sorry. I do agree the website has a lot of information on it regarding this 3 Days of Wool. The Sheep & Fiber Farm Tour is part of it along with the 1st Annual Wool conference with the UM and The National Speaker Jay Fuhrer during the tour. We probably took on too much this year.
    Let me know what I can help you find or provide any additional info on. We have the FB pages of: Natural Fiber Alliance & Sheep & Fiber Farm Tour. If you have any specific suggestions on the web site that would be great as well.
    Thank you!
  • Dale Rinkel
    Last year there was a printable brochure for the 2015 Farm Tour which I was able to download. Is there anything this year. I find your website cumbersome.